First Koala Post!

Dear Capitan,

I was going to begin by creating a post similar to yours.  However, I have since abandoned this master plan, because we all know that you are the cute one and that it simply will not work if I try to do as such.  That being said your post was incredibly cute, and I appreciate all of your appreciation.

Annabelle is currently flouting her bat in my face, which makes it hard to focus on proper blogging.

Today was the day we ventured forth to a land of Frozen and Fitz’s.  I feel like we learned some interesting facts today, a few of which are probably not appropriate to post in the blog-o-sphere.  Going for floats was a brilliant idea that I wholeheartedly commend you for; though I cannot remember if it was your idea.  I’m giving you credit anyway.  Also, thank you for switching seats with me, so that I and my knees may be prissy butts.

Anywho, some ideas I’ve had:

1. I think we should make one of those work out jar things..  Where we give ourselves a dollar or some cents every time we work out.

2. I think we should take the dollars in the jar and use them to fund adventures.  Maybe even save them up long-term to go one excellent sister trips.

3. I think one of those trips should be dog friendly, and we can take Annabelle with us to explore.

4. I think number three is an especially good idea because we go outside more when we have the pup-up with us.

5. I think we should potentially make a summer bucket list.  It can have things to do together and apart, and we can take pictures and compare.

6. I think the bucket list should definitely include riding more roller coasters.

7. I think maybe we could mutually work on adding to the bucket list in a blog post?  Perhaps.  OH! BRAINBLAST! And then we could make posts about creating items on the bucket list!

I feel like I got a little off track there?  I’m not sure.  But these are my very true thoughts.  Please responded to them promptly, and by promptly, I mean respond on Wednesday, which is your designated blogging day.  Check out that comma usage.  BOOM.


Le Super Koala

P.S. The first line of this post is misspelled to facilitate your reading it in a Spanish accent.

P.P.S. You’re the best little sister.

P.P.P.S. Don’t let Annabelle lick John Green.

P.P.P.P.S. Good job blocking her.


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