My Dearest Super Koala:

I have been very forgetful this week. I forgot many things at your house, including my tree necklace which I am very upset about, I keep forgetting to write in my journal, and I forgot to make the grand sister weekend post! At this rate, I is lucy that I didn’t forget to make my weekly post. However, I have been making excellent progress on my book.

Our birthday weekend will be hard to top in future years. This one was pretty great. The color run was so much fun even if we didn’t run the whole thing. I am still wearing the wrist band and I wore the t-shirt on Monday. I am taking a week off of running, so my fitbit numbers will be down, but I will start up next week and attempt to get faster. I also loved the concert. It was so cool and I am glad we didn’t go up to the balcony with Brandy and Megan. It was much more fun to be down in the crowd of people. I wish weekends were longer so that way we would have had more time to do things. Oh well, It was great to see you and hang out with you. And I will get to see you in a week and a half again!

My week has been going wonderfully. I have been on top of my homework, and I haven’t had to do much of it at home yet. Yesterday I went on a field trip to the Junior Achievement Finance Park (which isn’t a park at all, but a very dull building) for personal finance. Everyone was given a life scenario and we had to budget that life. I was 34 years old and, although I wasn’t married, I had an 11 year old child. I made almost $65,000 a year which was pretty nice. It was really easy for me to make my budget because I made so much money, but there were some people that made very little and had a bunch of kids. Anyway, I guess the field trip wasn’t too bad, it did get me out of gym which is always lovely. When I got back to school, it was 20 minutes into fourth block and I had to take a test. I still wound up finishing first even though I was late.

I got a new pair of Toms for my birthday, and they aren’t the pair I showed you. The pair that I thought I liked turned out to be really ugly in person so I got some that were much better. They are black with very thin rainbow stripes and they have lime green soles. Mom said that I could also order the Vans if I wanted to, so I think that is what I am going to do. We went to Journey’s to look for them, and it turns out that Journey’s has sold out of them nation wide, so if you want the Galaxy ones, you will have to order them online, and I would do it soon.

Well thats all for now. I am going to go watch the Voice, and fill out my journal. I will be anticipating your post on Saturday.

– Captain Spazzmataz


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