Dearest Captain,

Squeaking in another of my posts not too far before midnight.  The scandal!  However, I’m late today because of prom.  Which was a lovely time.  I wore one of my new Gordman’s dresses and Eric wore an almost matching gray suit.  It was pretty precious.  The food was tasty, we took and English IV picture as well as a backpack picture, and I got free cake.  Victory.

I’m glad you had a fun weekend, and just think, we have another fun weekend coming up!  I’m thinking Captain America on Friday and then Lemony Snicket Saturday.  Also, we should finish up our list of neglected things from last time.  Like work out jars!  I agree that we were way more exciting than Brandi and Megan.

Hooray for having such a good week!  I wish I had been as on top of things as you.  I’m just too ready for house time/summer time/puppy time, and I’m steadily losing motivation.  I need to get my reading pants on though.  I’m always afraid of falling behind in my summer reading challenge.  I had to go to that same field trip!  It was really funny because we learned NOTHING in our personal finance class, so we didn’t learn how to do anything.  And you could tell the other teachers felt really bad for us.  I’m happy for your nice life though; I wish my numbers were like that.  Annabelle would be my child, of course.

Tomorrow is Eric’s recital.  Hopefully that goes well.  I’m going to wear another of my new dresses.  And then just one four day week until I get to see you.  I so look forward to your post and our Easter weekend extravaganza.  Have a nice week in the mean time!

– Super Koala


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