Oh Dearest Super Koala,

Today I am very much so on time with my post. By the time I finish, it should be before 7. Go me! I am glad that you get to wear your new dresses so soon. You have prom, Eric’s recital, and Easter to show off your new stuff. Sadly, I don’t think your shoes will be shipped by the time you arrive. They shipped on April 11, and it said that it will take 6-9 business days for them to arrive, so if they get here, it will be on Friday. Speaking of Friday, I think that is when I will have to go get my license because Dad is working all week and won’t be able to take me tomorrow, so would you take me on Friday!? Please?

Going back to your prom, free cake is always excellent. However, I am distraught at the news of you not remembering how my favorite cake tastes. This must change, so you will eat a piece when you come home (maybe a small piece, it is my favorite after all). Also, you have much better backpack adventures than I do. I feel unaccomplished in the backpack adventure world.

My April has been going by just as fast as yours! I also have something to do every weekend this month. First it was our birthday weekend, then it was Ady and Tanner weekend, I will see you this weekend, and next weekend Taylor is having her birthday party on Sunday and I have a concert on Saturday. So fun filled, I just can’t even handle this right now (did you get the Soul Eater reference???)!

I too am sadly losing motivation. I think last week was my peek, because this week has been very lazy. And, I have so much more school to attend then you! And, there is less than 60 days until I go to Hawaii and I just can’t wait! I am very sad that you cannot come, but I will take lots of pictures, and rub it in your face when I get back. It’s a promise.

My birthday was great! Thanks for calling me, even though it was past my bed time, and that video you sent of Annabelle was the most adorabelle thing ever. Shannon’s present to me was a very lovely MarvelĀ themed notebook. I am planning on using it as a summer time journal, and a place to keep a list of all the things we want to do. I also can’t wait to see what my other two presents are!!!

Well, I guess that is all. I will be anxiously awaiting your arrival on Friday!

– Captain Spazzmataz

P.S. Oh yeah! I remembered what else I wanted to tell you! I found a few lovely lists, courteous of BuzzFeed and Goodreads, of books that will hopefully give you replacement ideas.


http://www.buzzfeed.com/ariannarebolini/how-scandalous-is-your-reading-history (despite the title of this one, I have read a few of these books in school)



P.P.S. I also forgot to tell you that I will be volunteering to help set up the YMCA book fair! They start working in May and the fair isn’t until August!!!




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