Close, But Not Quite

Dearest C.S.,

Do not feel too bad.  I’m technically making this post on Sunday.  But it’s a pretty severe technicality because it’s not even 1 A.M., and I haven’t been to bed yet.  I, like you, had many things to do, so I was rather delayed in my posting.

Today has been quite the adventure.  I woke up to take care of Belles and run a few early morning errands, including picking up the packages.  (The koala bear robe arrived!)  Then I had to get all my hairs chopped off, which actually took a large amount of time.  But I’m so happy with it.  Headbands look pretty adorable in my hair, if I do say so myself.  Then I had to go run more errands, but they involved books, so those were better.  Then I had to drive very quickly to reach the play in time!  Finally, the rest of the evening was all play related activities, and we already striked the stage/cleaned up all our mess.

The play went well tonight; though, if I’m being honest, it did not go as well as yesterday.  I’m still happy with them, and it went much better than I expected in the first place.  The kiddos were pretty swell, all in all.  We only had a few mistakes or issues, but no one forgot their lines, and we didn’t have to pretend like anyone died.

Then I went to Target.  I bought a mat for the house!  As well as some other things we will not discuss.

Your post makes me want to watch Glee.  I have so many things I need to watch this summer!  At least if I can’t find a summer job, I’ll have plenty of time to read books and watch Netflix.  Maybe write a little.  Maybe.  I’m also so behind on the Voice.  Luckily the play is over, so I might have time to do that as well.  So jealous of your Fox line up!  I’ve only seen one of those; Phantom of the Opera, of course.  I want to see Cinderella!  Take me with you!

Only 20 days until school is over!  Also, you didn’t answer about Lemony Snicket!

Love you anyway,

Super Koala


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