The Internet Came Back to Me!

Hello Sister Dear,

Well, before I stupidly swiped that car this morning, my weekend had been pretty excellent.  On Friday, after a ridiculously goofy day at school, BooBoo and I went out and bought my furniture.  I’m so excited to be settled into the new house.  With comfy couches and pretty rugs and bookshelves.  And maybe a dining set, at a later date of course.  Maybe when you come to visit we can spend more of my life’s savings on furniture.

After furniture we came back to the house to giggle and watch a delightful movie (Crazy, Stupid Love) involving Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.  I just adore them both.  Also, to back track, one of my students taught me how to get Game Boy Color games on my phone.  Infinite delight.

On Saturday, Annabelle and I had many adventures.  We went to Artsfest, where we met many other puppies, and we went to Corbin’s house, where I saw her chase chickens, and it was hilarious.  This means that today I have a very tired puppy.  However, I also have a puppy that will not eat her food, and that makes me cranky.  BooBoo was very nice, and let me come to WhichWich to pick up boxes for the move.  And! I had breakfast at a delicious cafe with my new Phoenix grandlittles.  We should also go there when you visit.  It is delicious.  I had Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip waffles.  Amazing.

And then today, I committed the ultimate shenanigans in hitting a parked car of all things.  Le sigh.  Eric and I decided not to go to Silver Dollar City before that, though.  I have too many teacher things to do.  My hope is that by Sunday of next week, I’ll be all caught up and can guilt free have a day of fun.  Plus I’m not used to not having hair, and I burned the back of my neck yesterday.  Sadness.

I agree that we should definitely have a national sister week.  We can hang out and frolic and pick out a puppy.  Luckily we can do those things in the summer, too.  And one day, two years from now, we might live together, when we would be able to frolic all the time.  At least when you’re not studying.

Which apparently you’ve done plenty of now!  At least you’re getting into the final countdown.  I myself only have two weeks left, just ten school days.  Two of those days are finals.  And because it’s forever long, for about four of them we’ll be watching Gatsby.  That means all we have time for is a quick finishing of the book, a review game, and one test before the final.  It’ll go quickly.  Hopefully your days do, too.

I hope you’ve had a beautiful weekend!  Good luck cleaning your room.  I need to do mine as well.

– Super Koala


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