Made It!

Dearest Sister,

For once, I am actually on time with my posting!  I meant to post this during afternoon time, but I got distracted by moving things to the house and dealing with the ridiculous and upsetting car nonsense.  Now, I have had Andy’s, and am in a much better mood for posting.

Did you know, I’ve read 27 books this year already, and I’m on just on track with my reading goals.  You sure did set a high standard for me.  I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to read more than 75 books in a year.  That might be my max.

Brakeycakes Hawaiian adventures sound most amusing and adorable.  I guess he really is very excited, as you all should be!  I know I’d be incredibly excited to go to Hawaii, and I’ll be incredibly jealous that I am not there with you.  I talked to Mom today, and I think I’m going to go to St. Louis with Annabelle and hang out with her while you and Dad have travel times.  That way she and I won’t be lonely, since Eric will also be out of town during that time.  Plus, I’d be in town to take you to Springfield once you come back.  Excellent.

I am intrigued by your no verbal communication proposition, though scared.  I think we will have to set up very specific rules for such on occasion.  Such as posting more often, which was in my counter proposal, along with waiting until summer time.  We’d also have to lay out what kind of communication is acceptable.  Am I allowed to send you snapchats of Annabelle?  What about texts?

Tomorrow, Eric and I are officially going to Silver Dollar City for the first time.  We have everything all planned out, including our lunches and clothes.  It will be quite the cute adventure, and I so passionately hope I don’t get too sunburned.  But I will.  I just know it.  Either way I’m excited to have a day away from some of present worries and obligations.  Even though soon those will be all my days, since I only have five days of school left.

On Friday, I attended my first high school graduation as a teacher!  It was pretty cutesy to see all my first children walk to get their diplomas and scholarships.  I think it will be quite some time until I have an English IV like I had this year, but I also think next year will be more emotional for me since I have all the juniors.  I’ll actually know all the graduating students instead of just 10 of them.

Well, I’m going to slumber in preparation for tomorrow’s excitement.  I hope you had an excellent birthday party today!  Also, I’m impressed by your no iPadness.  I need to do that with Netflix.  But not in the summer.  Summer = all the Netflixing.

Love you!

– Super Koala

P.S. We need to make our summer bucket lists!


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