Way On Time

Dearest Super Koala,

I am super on time with my post today! I remembered even before school let out! You are also very lucky that I am posting at such an early time because my day is very busy. I had school, then clarinet choir, and I also have a concert tonight. Thankfully, we postponed my lessons this week and I have no homework because after this week I am DONE with AP World!!!!! Today I had my presentation, tomorrow is the AP test, and then Friday we are taking our class final. I am super pumped. The other girl in the group presentation never did anything, and she didn’t even show up to class even though she was there the rest of the day. I hate her. But, since she wasn’t there and she told us that she was working on it, Mrs. Marriott said it wouldn’t effect our grade. It was really funny though because the other girl that did do her work sent me an email in the morning expressing her frustration and panic.

I only have 11 days of school left (not including weekends), and I just can’t wait to be done. I am sooooo jealous that you will be done after this week! No fair. I am also jealous of your Silver Dollar City time. I want to ride roller coasters! Once again, no fair.

I am very surprised that you are actually consenting to spend a whole week with Mom and no one else being their. Dad and I were very shocked when we heard the news. I hope you are safe and don’t go to crazy. As for your counter proposal to the no verbal communication, snapchats are okay, but maybe no texts unless it is an emergency. Everything else is acceptable.

I am not excited for graduation. Playing for an hour or more without anyone really paying attention does not seem like fun to me. Also, playing Pomp and Circumstance over and over again seems like a nightmare, and painful.

Well, thats all for now. I have to go eat dinner and get ready for the concert. I will await your post on Saturday.

– C.S.


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