Mon Capitan,

Hello, hello, hello!  I have a strong hunch that the title for this post is not spelled correctly.  C’est la vie. (I’m so bilingual.)

I am very proud of your extraordinary post timeliness, particularly in the face of everything you had to conquer on Wednesday.  But more so, I must express infinite congratulations that you are (relatively) finished with AP World!  And we can cackle at that terrible girl all through that new future.  Tell me, what will you do with all your free time?

Today was the first day, out of two, for moving!  Dad and I loaded up his truck with the vast majority of my smaller belongings, and then brought Annabelle to the house and unloaded them.  Even with everything stockpiled in boxes, it’s looking pretty cute.  Also, I have way too much stuff.  Way too much.  Tomorrow, Pops and Eric are going to move the big scary things.  And I’ll be officially spending my first night in the house.

I’m super ready for it to be summer time.  I don’t think it’ll feel like summer until I’m done with teacherly duties, which happens Monday, and the house is settled in/the apartment is completely not mine.  Until then, there’s still a lot of work to do.  This is incredibly difficult because all my brain wants to do is read books and watch Netflix whilst cuddling with my puppy.  It’s basically all I think about it.  After a whole lot of time being entirely too productive, I’m ready for some lazy days.

That being said, I love you, and I hope you’re having an excellent weekend.  Soon you will be in Hawaii, and then we shall be together again!


Super Koala


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