Why Spongebob! Whyyyyyyyy!!!

Dearest Super Koala,

I am terribly sorry that I have not made my goal of 9:30. I kind of forgot. Again. I really am awful at remembering anything. It is amazing that I do so well in school. Speaking of school, I have all A’s again! I might have more than a 4.0 on my final reportcard! I am super excited.

In English, we are doing grammar things to prepare for the final, and everyone is always complaining about how they don’t get it and how it is so hard. Then I just smile because I think it is really easy and then I think of you. Also, it was really exciting because today my English teacher told us that we were her favorite class!

So I am in a very strange state. I feel like I am super busy, but I am always bored. Everyday this week, I have had a list of things to do but in between and after them I become immediately bored. I have issues. What do you do to reign in your boredness, because even after no more than ten minutes of doing one task I am already bored with it. Please help.

That is all for now, I am sorry that I wasn’t on time.

– CS


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