Surprise Visit!

Well dear readers,

This weekend, I successfully surprised Captain Spazzmataz with a surprise visit to our hometown of St. Louis.  Her reaction was pretty adorable, and I would say she was very successfully surprised.  Now we are sitting on the loveseat in our sunroom, whilst Captain puzzles out the nuances of Pokemon Pinball emulator, and Annabelle slumbers in her crate.  Life is pretty sweet.  If only Spazz could figure out if she wants my help or not.

Dear Captain,

Resuming regular post form!

I’m very proud of your accomplishments this semester, even if you cannot manage to post in timely fashion.  (For shame.)  I know you have worked very, very hard, particularly in AP World.  Now you can enjoy the ridiculous simplicity of your last week of school, having nonsense classroom adventures.

I’m glad you have inherited rudimentary grammar skills.  At least mentally.  Perhaps through photosynthesis?  Tehe.  Though, you should have them work on your spelling, because that area could mayhaps still use a little perfecting.  I love grammar.  It’s like math — methodical and with everything in the right place.

If you’re bored, you should hulahoop!  That’s what I do when I can’t focus on reading.  I read and hulahoop at the same time.  You can also tinker on your new emulator system, watch Pokemon on Netflix, or read the many books on your shelves.  I know you have not finished them all, due to your commitment issues.  Maybe you just need to do tasks in circuits.  Ten minutes doing one thing, then ten minutes doing another.  Except practicing because that needs to be done in solid doses.

I’m really happy to be in town this weekend, but I am also excited to return to my house!  So many things to do and make cute.  Pretty soon Eric will be moving in, and then your month long visit will be here before you know it!

Love you.  I am also a sleepy panda.

– S.K.


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