Almost There!

Dearest Super Koala,

Your surprise visit was wonderful! I am so glad you came down even if it was only for a few days. I enjoyed your company greatly, and I think you had fun too.

I am in the final home-stretch of school! I only have two half days left, and I can’t wait until they are over. Tomorrow is just nonsense. I shouldn’t even go. I have my gym final, ANP, and then band! What a ridiculous day! Then on Friday I have my English and math finals. SO CLOSE!!!! Today I took my personal finance final. I completed it in ten minutes and got a one hundred percent on it. Pretty impressive right!? The other final I took was in chemistry and I got a ninety-seven percent on that. I guess finals are looking pretty good, and I should wind up with all A’s.

Also, there are only 12 DAYS UNTIL HAWAII!!!!!!! I am so excited I just don’t even know how to handle it right now! Yesterday in band, Brakefield talked to us about different options we have on our free days, and I got so pumped! I really do wish you were going though. It would be ten billion times better if you went. Oh, well. When you are a famous author, we will go on a sister adventure.

I have found something to break my boredom! Pokemon! I have been watching the series and playing Pokemon Blue on my IPad whenever I get bored, and I haven’t bothered Mom once yet this week! Hulahooping helps while I am reading, but even after a while of that, my sides start to hurt, so I play Pokemon. Hurray for no boredom!

Well, that’s all for now! I await your post on Saturday. Hope all things house related are going well.

– CS

P.S. Summer is here and we still haven’t made our bucket list!!!


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