Happy End of School!

Captain Spazzmataz,

I would like to offer you another very happy congratulations on being done with school!  It’s so terribly excited, and I hope you enjoy what summer time you do have.  Even with graduation tomorrow.

Are you so excited for Hawaii?  Have you made plans?  Do you have cute outfits?  I’ve been watching a lot of “What Not to Wear,” so I’m really outfit oriented.  It makes me want to go shopping.  All the time.  I wear so many t-shirts.  Stacy and Clinton would not be pleased.

I’m also happy you found something to break up your boredom.  There’s so many great emulator games you can play.  You should look up a list of all the best gameboy color games of all time.  Because you really missed out on that era of life.

House things are going quite well.  We’ve reached the final stages of boxes, or so it seems.  Really, that’s only half true because there are a lot of office boxes still.  But Eric has the morning off tomorrow, so hopefully some of that will get done.  My desk is all barricaded in, which is frustrating.  It’s hard to become a famous writer when there is no space for writing.

I’ve actually been writing a little this week, but I don’t know if it’s going well.  I’m basically always discouraged in the beginning.  And fantasy books seem awkward in my brain lately, maybe because I haven’t read any of them in a long time.  It’s all dystopian young adult all the time.  Really, what I’m saying is, I should reread Harry Potter.

Annabelle just legitimately played fetch with a ball.  It was adorable.

I feel like I’ve been using my summer time semi-wisely.  I’ve been out to see a lot of people, which was good since it’s been so long since I went to hang out with people.  Because a sleepy teacher is an angry teacher is a bad teacher.  At least if that teacher is me.  It’s just odd to adjust to having nothing that I absolutely have to do, so I’ve been making lists of things to accomplish.  Be so proud of me.

We’ll have to make our bucket lists when you come to visit.  Really, you’ll be so consumed with Hawaii things, you probably won’t have much time to bucket list until then anyhow.

Love you!  I’m excited for your next post, as always.

– Super Koala


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