Free At Last!

To the Lovely Super Koala,

I am horribly excited that summer is finally upon me! I have so much free time it is wonderful. Even though I had graduation last Sunday, I enjoyed it. I liked listening to all of the speeches and cheering on my fellow bandmates as they crossed the stage. And despite how much I dislike Menkhus, his validictorian speech was pretty great.

Hawaii time can’t come soon enough! Last night was the official meeting where we found out the itinerary and everything else Hawaii related. Also, in preparation I am reading Hawaii, and now that I am deep into the story, I really enjoy it and it is making me even more anxious! I do have cute outfits. All of my clothes have already been set aside to ensure that I do not dirty any of them. I have three dresses (four if you count my going to the beach dress) and three outfits. I have also put tape and ribbon on the handle of my suitcase to make in easily identifiable in an airport. On a downside, I have a FOUR HOUR layover in Chicago! That will be brutal. Also, on the return home, we leave Hawaii at 10 PM, and don’t return to St. Louis until 1 PM the next day. I will be very sleepy upon return, so we can nap for the first time in forever.

Speaking of Stacy and Clinton, I have been trying not to wear so many T-Shirts, and besides band practice and exercising, I haven’t! They would be proud of me. I also want to go shopping all of the time, but that is just because I like shopping and getting new things. I have experienced the same woes of lackluster shirts that you are experiencing. I truly do believe it is because manufacturers are spending so much time on perfecting their crop-top production, that they can’t make decent normal length shirts. It is very sad.

I can’t wait to come visit your house! I am so excited to see how it all turned out. I know it will be adorable. You must get your desk space cleared! You need your writing room! I feel like the beginning of most books aren’t all that great, so I am guessing that many authors struggle with the same problem you are having. Reading Harry Potter might give you inspiration, but it also might just be an excuse to read the series for the hundredth time and put off writing. I feel like you could recite those books forward and backwards no problem, so maybe you should try to find other fantasy books to give you inspiration, and then you could add new books to your reading repertoire. It’s just a suggestion, but I understand if you “have” to read them again.

Even though I have only been on summer break for a little over a week, I have also been semi-productive. I have woken up by at least 7:30 every morning, and have read well over an hour every day. I have also seen many people and have plans for later in the week. You should be so proud of me.

Next Wednesday I shall be in Hawaii, so please don’t be too upset if I forget to post. I will try to remember; the morning is free time, so I will attempt to wake up early-ish and do my post then as to not get wrapped up in the day’s proceedings.

As always, I will be looking forward to your post on Saturday.

– Captain Spazzmataz


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