Baaaa Da Duuum (Spy Music)

Hello Captain!

I’m glad you actually enjoyed graduation.  I have to be honest, I didn’t see that one coming.  Thanks to reasons I can’t quite remember, but probably had something to do with our older siblings, I only had to play at one graduation.  It was pretty sweet.  Though I do remember an outstandingly rapped valedictorian speech from two years before me.

I’m so proud of you for finally reading Hawaii!  It took a while to get started.  You should bring another one of his books and read that during your intense layover.  This is what happens when you’re a good kid.  If you were a bad kid, you’d be on the no layover, run for your life to make the gate flights with pops.  Sadness but also goodness.  O’Hare is gigantic though, so I’m sure you can find some things to entertain yourself during the wait.  You can at least go exploring and have tasty cinnamon cakes in a Cinnabon or Starbucks.  Because I’m quite sure they have both.  Also, I’m excited at the prospect of nap time.  You never want to nap with me.  I guess it’s good we’re waiting until Wednesday to bring you to Springfield.

Stacy and Clinton would most certainly not be proud of me.  Particularly because of your summer shirt theory, also I hate all my shirts.  Except I made a list of 25 things to achieve by the time I’m 25 (you know how I love lists and goals), and emptying out half of my closet and replacing it with better things was on the list.  We can get started ASAP.  I’m thinking we can drastically clean out my closet while you visit.  You can give me advice on what to get ride of.

I also have definitely not woken up any where close to 7:30 since Pops left.  I’m actually a little frustrated with how late I’ve been sleeping, but I haven’t been sleeping well, which just leaves me sleeping later and later every day.  Maybe I’ll make myself some sleepy time tea before bed and see if that helps.  You can also motivate me to wake up during your visit, or fall victim to my sleep spell.  But hopefully it will be the first option.

YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO POST FROM HAWAII.  It’s the most exciting post prospect thus far in our blog life!  I’ll forgive you though if it’s a day late or so.  I understand you might be exceptionally busy.  Don’t forget to bring the sister bag!

Eric’s brother is in town with us this weekend, which is a fun time.  Eric has been busy working double shifts, so it’s been a lot of just us hanging out.  We took Annabelle to Petsmart today and there were so many cute puppies for adoption!  There was one named Goofy that I highly contemplated taking home.  He needed love.  Why are dogs so cute?

I think we might end up getting a rodent of some sort.  Eric and I are both pro-rat at this time.  Did you know rats are considered to be the most affectionate of small animals?  Plus they’re very smart.  I’m just terrified of Annabelle eating the rat, or at least using it as a toy and accidentally hurting it.  I haven’t quite decided yet.

I’ve been so social this past week.  You should also be proud of me.  But I need to be better about waking up.  I’m not so worried about productivity, because there’s really not much for me to do.  Which has been weird to adjust to.  But I don’t want to sleep all morning and completely mess up my schedule.

Part of my 25 things to accomplish entails keeping this blog going.  This means that we absolutely have to continue posting until you basically graduate high school.  Or else I won’t get to accomplish one of my chosen life goals, and that would be really depressing.  I can show you the rest when you visit.  Or maybe I’ll make a post about them.

I’ve also been gathering a list of things to while you’re in town!  I’ll also have to make a separate list for mother.  Unfortunately, most of these ideas include food.  And we do need to do more than eat.  Maybe.  I’ll have to go to the gym a lot during your visit.

Whelp, I’m going to go fold some laundry!  Love you!  Next time I read your post, it will be from a completely different state!

– Super Koala

P.S. I just finished chapter three of the book!  I know you typically don’t read fantasy, but you should read it for me some time.  Tell me what you think and such.




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