This post is slightly hard to write, due to a lack of response material in SOMEONE’s previous post.  Harrumph.

But I really am happy that you’re having an excellent time in Hawaii.  As Mom and I have decided, we totally should have gone.  It would have been absolutely wonderful.  Though it would be sad to spend a week away from my WiggleButts.  She’s been particularly adorable this week.  I have this theory that she’s looking for you in the house.  Every so often she’ll get sad and go on a sniffing excursion that results in more puppy cries.  She’ll be so excited upon your return.

Like I mentioned via text, it’s been odd not having you around while I’m home.  I don’t think this has ever happened before.  As a result, my days have been pretty lazy.  I got Annabelle bathed, visiting Nonna, suffered through a pedicure, babysat the kiddos.  Nothing too thrilling or busy.  I did get to take a nap while Mom watched a terrible Lifetime movie.  That was kind of a plus because you would not have allowed it.

I can’t wait for your return, and my presents, and our journey to Springfield, and our potential new puppy.  So many eventful things to do!  I want to try some healthy cooking/snacking while you’re in town.  Will you help me with it?  I need someone to motivate me to stay strong/just motivate me in general because you know how I feel about cooking.

Safe flight back!

-Super Koala

P.S.  I did know about the apostrophe, but I never used it because I’m not Hawaiian, so I feel like a slightly pretentious jerk if I just went around always writing it like that.

P.P.S. Being in a Hawaii gives you a free pass.  Not calling you a slightly pretentious jerk.


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