Official Summer Bucket List

Yesterday, Captain Spazzmataz and I traveled from good ole St. Louis to nice, little Springfield, MO.  Annabelle tucked along in the backseat.  This annual trip marks the start of Captain’s time with me for the summer.  Fortunately, my job as a teacher allows this to continue this year, even though I’m no longer in college.  She stays for typically about a month, and we try to accomplish as much as possible.  Though sometimes we’re lazy, and Netflix takes over.

This is the first summer we have made ourselves a “bucket list.”  It proceeds as follows, in no particular order.

2014 Summer Bucket List:

1. See The Fault in Our Stars
2. Go bowling
3. Run a 5K
4. Dollar movies
5. Make ice cream
6. Visit a farm
7. Sidewalk chalk
8. Origami party
9. Game night
10. Tye-dye shirts
11. Giant cinnamon roll adventure
12. Go to Elle’s
13. Eat at Nakato
14. 1984 Arcade
15. Silver Dollar City
16. Askinosie Tour
17. Zipline
18. Taco Tuesday
19. Archery
20. Vintage Veranda
21. Farmer’s Market
22. Minigolf
23. Find a trunk/go to an antique store
24. Veteran’s Memorial Museum
25. Toy Museum
26. Harold Bell Wright Museum
27. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum
28. Fantastic Caverns
29. Closet Project
30. Volunteer

I thought about redoing all of these to make them more cute and clever.  But let’s face it, there are 30 of them.  For each accomplished item, we will write a corresponding post to detail our adventures.

Our posting schedule will also vary during our time together.  Since we’ll be together for four weeks, there’s really no need to write letters to each other once a week.  So instead, we’ll be sure to post whenever something exceptionally excellent happens.

Happy summer!

– The Sisters Ravens



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