#12: Go to Elle’s

After a quick haircut on the Koala’s part, she and I trekked to Elle’s Patisserie. The adorable little purple building was only a block away, so we decided that since there was to be ice-cream involved we would walk.  Upon entering the shop, we had a very long list of items to buy. I got some lavender ice-cream while Super Koala chose a honey lavender float.


I know lavender sounds like it would grossly taste like flowers, but it is one of the most interesting flavors ever. It is also probably one of my favorites.

After we ordered our ice-cream, Super Koala got a chocolate pastry and I adventured out and got a dark chocolate, salted caramel macaroon. This was my first ever trial with a macaroon.


It turns out the macaroon was delicious and amazing. Probably one of the top ranking desserts in my opinion. It was equal parts gooey and crunchy. It also doesn’t hurt that they home make everything they sell. It just makes everything extra tasty.

Overall, this was a great start to the Summer Bucket List of 2014.


One thought on “#12: Go to Elle’s

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