#30 – Volunteer (almost)

Super Koala and I were planning on volunteering at the Humane Society as our volunteer work. However, the people who run it were not helpful at all, so we wound up missing the opportunity to help out. Instead, we adopted a new puppy. On June 23rd, little Nyx entered the lives of The Sisters Ravens.


Nyx was not our original choice. Super Koala wanted a male dog to accompany Annabelle so they wouldn’t fight over top spot. However, all of the boys were either too hyper, too big, or too aggressive. After assessing all of the males, we were pretty sure that we weren’t going to be getting a dog that day, but then Sparhawk pointed out this little puppy who was just sitting in the corner of her cage very sad-like. We decided to give her a test run to see if she liked Bells.

It turned out that she was very shy and timid and scared of the world, just like Annabelle was when we got her. It seemed to be a perfect fit, and it was obvious that Nyx needed a good home. The name she came with was Blackie, which is basically the most unoriginal name ever, so we chose the name Nyx. Nyx is the Greek goddess of the night. The name was appropriate because of her black coat, and the fact that she needed a little name for her little size. She hasn’t been trained, but she is finally warming up to us, so I don’t think training her will be hard at all. Soon Nyx will be a spunky as Annabelle is now.

IMG_2825 IMG_2826


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