9. Game Night

Last night featured another game night at the house of the eldest Sister Ravens.  (That’s me.)

As the other resident, Sparhawk was of course invited to this, as well as BBKF.  She was super bored and needed distractions.  Our summer bucket list was willing to comply.


We started out by playing Munchkin.  Which got a smidgen intense because Sparhawk and I have competitive tendencies.  Particularly toward each other.


Tragically, despite what his face may indicate in this picture, he won.  It was bogus.  But the game really is fun.  If you haven’t played it, I recommend it.

Our second game is also delightful.  This one is called Dixit.


Dixit asks you to make inside jokes using fancy cards with really excellent illustrations.



Because the three people at the table were basically the three people I’m closest to, I obviously won.  Plus I’m smart.  That tends to help.

The first round of Munchkin took a decent amount of time, so we only played two games on our game night.  Still, it was quite the fun time.  Captain and I rarely convince people to play games with us in St. Louis, so this makes us very happy.  Hopefully we’ll get the chance to play more games later on in her visit.  We have so many.

– The Sisters Ravens


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