#3 – 5K Run

Today has been very productive. Super Koala and I were up before 7 AM. We ate breakfast, got dressed, put on our running shoes, and set out to conquer another 3.1 miles.

IMG_2839   IMG_2840

This time, we did the Color Foam Run. Very similar to the Color Run; in fact, the course was the exact same as it was for the Color Run. However, this time there were far fewer people. Last time, there were infinite waves of runners, and for this run there were only two.

The foam was very interesting. It was like a bunch of colored suds. Also, it felt great to fun through them because they must have been made with cold water, so it was a nice refreshment during the run.


We ran a lot more than we did last time, although Super Koala was still not feeling top notch. I guess it is just going to be tradition that she gets sick before our runs. Nonetheless, we still ran about half of the course. They even had people shooting us with really cold colored liquid at the finish and once during the race. Surprisingly, the shirts turned out very colored, as well as all the other parts of my body. My glasses still have blue dye stuck in between the lenses and the frame.

IMG_2842  IMG_2843IMG_2846

Afterwards, we went back to the car, dried off, and hit the road for home. Even though there were way less people, this run was still really fun. There was even this really awesome cop that was cheering everyone on as they passed him. Super Koala and I have decided that once we can run a full 5K without stopping, then we will move up to doing 10Ks. Hopefully next time we do a run, there will be more running and even less walking than this time.



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