13. Eat at Nakato

Much like acquiring delicious pastries from Elle’s, this is an easy list item to complete.  Nakato is possibly Captain’s favorite Springfield restaurant.  Or so I assume, because we eat there every time she is in town.

When I asked Spazzmataz why she enjoyed Nakato so much, she said, and I quote, “Because soy sauce.”


It is true that Nakato is where she first discovered the infinite wonders of soy sauce.  Also soba noodles.  She’s been hooked on the hibachi style Japanese cuisine ever since.


I enjoy dining at this restaurant for similar reasons, but also vastly different ones.  Like adorable boats of sushi, that Spazzmataz does not enjoy, which were more adorable before I devoured two-thirds and then remembered to take a picture.  Stress.


Our chef for the evening made most delicious food.  Far too much for either of us to eat.  I really should have taken a picture of the leftovers box to properly depict just how much food we went home with.  Seriously ridiculous.


This was taken before the food coma hit, which was before we got our meat portions.  So, I leave you with the blissful face of Captain Spazzmataz celebrating one of her favorite foods in this completion of a summer bucket list item.

– The Sisters Ravens


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