#18 – Taco Tuesday

The tradition of Taco Tuesday started long before I came to visit Super Koala. The restaurant is a gourmet taco place, and Super Koala and her friends started going because teachers get free tacos on Tuesdays. We were supposed to go last Tuesday, however Super Koala fell ill and was unable to attended. Fortunately, this week were were able to go and had a wonderful time with two other companions. As an appetizer, we had cheese dip with our corn chips.

(Here should be a picture of the cheese sauce, but sadly the picture won’t load.)

I ordered a gourmet quesadilla and Super Koala got a fancy salad. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures of our food to show everyone. But we do have prof of our empty plates and of the taco that we took home to Sparhawk.

IMG_2863 (Here should be a picture of the taco, but sadly, once again, the picture won’t load.)

For dessert, I got a really delicious piece of cinnamon cheese cake. It was basically the best thing ever. BBKF got one too.


I was surprised because of how picky I am, but all in all, it was a very tasty dinner.


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