10. Tye Dye Shirts

Captain Spazzmataz and I are a little behind on our posting.  Now we catch up, ya?

Tye-dye (I really am very uncertain as how to properly spell and punctuate this) is something C.S. and I wanted to do over Spring Break.  It was, in fact, the only goal we did not accomplish that week.  So, I’m happy to announce, we made it happen this visit.


We began outside, with an estimated 12 shirts for dying.  Thanks to our persistence and welcoming spirits (tehe), Sparhawk decided to join in.  Plop two puppies outside, and you have an excellent full house, outside experience.

Guest appearance by Eric, first time dyer.

Guest appearance by Sparhawk, first time dyer.


At le store, Captain picked out a really excellent dye kit.  When we did this last summer, we had shirts with really bright colors.  This was a cool pack, featuring teal, blue, purple, pink, and black.  They’re a nice contrast to a previous self-crafted clothing.

The baking in the sun line.

The baking in the sun line.

While we had a lot of shirts to dye, the process was complete fairly quickly.  Especially because I do not have the methodical nature required to properly twist the shirts, so I mostly just frantically wrap them in rubber bands and fling dye all over the place.


After we thought we were finished, BooBoo came over to dye a shirt of her own.  Thus completing her first tye-dye experience in five+ years.  We spread the magic.

Finished product!

Finished product!

Once Sparhawk came home from a late night work shift, we unwrapped and rinsed them.  This is the first unveiled project.  I’m chalking this adventure up to a success.

– The Sisters Ravens


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