21. Farmer’s Market

Prior to today, Captain Spazzmataz had never been to a Farmer’s Market.  This will have to be something we revisit at a later date, because in my personal opinion, they really are better in the fall.  Spazz is more a fruits than veggies person, and I think the fall harvestings will lend better to that.

Regardless, we were up early this morning for some wholesome grocery shopping.  I would have liked to take the pups, but I don’t think Nyx would have appreciated it.  And Annabelle would have just goofballed all over the place.

IMG_2888 IMG_2889

Being close to the Ozarks, and an assortment of other small, agricultural towns, means that Springfield actually has a nice farmer’s market establishment.  There’s lots to choose from, and a lot of different vendors.


This visit made me particularly happy because sunflowers are making their summer appearance.  Sunflowers are hands down my most favorite flowers ever.


It was a short trip, but pleasant.  We got a nice little bundle of cookable things, and I didn’t have to go into Price Cutter to make it happen.


All for the nice price of under 15 dollars.  Fancy sausage is expensive.


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