#23 – Find a Trunk/Go to an Antique Store & #5 – Make Ice-cream

Yesterday Super Koala and I made a trip to the local antique store/flea market in search of a trunk. We failed in our search for a trunk, but we did see some really cool stuff, and Super Koala bought an awesome candle!


The candle has three sent layers: strawberry, grape, and raspberry. What really sold Super Koala was the strawberry. It is too bad it is on the top and will be used up first.

Anyway, when we arrived at the store, it looked kind of sketchy from the outside, and once you stepped inside, it was a gigantic wonderland of really cool junk.


Well, not all of it was junk. Like this type-writer. This was one of the first cool items we came across. There were many more type-writers, but this one was probably the fanciest.


Then we came across this huge booth of lamps and chandlers. Most of them were really cool and something that I actually would want in my home. However, they were all sadly super expensive.


Later on, we found this sign that says, “Why you gotta be so rude.” For those of you who don’t know, the song Rude by Magic! is constantly stuck in Super Koala’s head, so the sign was fitting.

Our trip took a total of two hours, and by the time it was finished I was famished, so we trekked to Bread Co. When we finally made it home, we decided to make ice-cream. I found this recipe that only called for two ingredients, so we were kind of skeptical. However, since we didn’t have an ice-cream maker, it was one of the only recipes that didn’t use one. We actually added a little vanilla extract for extra taste just in case.


This is what it looked like after we mixed the ingredients together. Still very skeptical, we put it in the freezer to sit overnight.


After mixing, we had a slight dilemma where we couldn’t get the beaters out of the mixer. Super Koala became very frazzled, but luckily, I was able to finally retrieve them.


This is what it looked like after almost twenty-four hours of freezing. It actually turned out pretty good. It was super creamy, and really coated your mouth, but it was still tasty. I think having an ice-cream maker would have made things much easier, but our attempt at crafting ice-cream wasn’t a disaster, and it was edible, so that makes it an A+.


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