4. Dollar Movies & 14. 1984 Arcade



The events highlighted in this post actually occurred on different days.  But they would make for a very small post, so we are doing them together.  The first happened this past Tuesday when Captain Spazzmataz and I went to see Divergent for just a $1.50.  Magical, I know.  Particularly as it normally costs at least 20 dollars for us to see a movie together.  Fortunately Springfield is home to a cute little movie theater that does almost dollar movies on Tuesday.  Chicka-yeah.


Overall, the movie was enjoyable.  I was a little distressed by the inaccuracies to the book, but C.S. has yet to read the book so she was not bothered there.  Unfortunately, we have discovered that all movies are terrible, and there is little happiness to be had in films with real people.  (Thanks, The Fault in Our Stars.)

Our next adventure took place just yesterday, when the Captain embarked on a great culinary adventure.  We went to Kai.


For you potential non-Springfieldians, Kai is kind of fancy.  It’s Japanese style food and their main draw is lots of tasty sushi.  On this absolutely momentous occasion I got the Spazz to try not only my edamame appetizer, but also(!) my sushi!  Which just so happened to be on fire.


This is a phenomenally significant feat.  I’ve been trying to get this to happen for years.  Jury is still out on whether or not she actually liked it.  But hey, I’m happy.

IMG_2930 IMG_2928

We next walked ourselves to 1984, a really excellent arcade in downtown Springfield.  As the name suggests, everything is time period appropriate to the year 1984.  So basically, lots of sweet, older games that can be played for cheap.  We discovered the absolutely horrifying Rally-X, and were quickly addicted, probably from the trauma-induced adrenaline.  Try playing it for yourself.  You’ll know what I mean by horrifying when you jump for the first time.

IMG_2931 IMG_2932

After some dawdling at other machines, I reunited with my true video game love, Ms. Pac-Man.  Notably better than Mr. Pac-Man, tucked away shamefully in the corner.  And then it was off to Hurts for some doughnuts, and home for Jimmy Fallon.

Quite the lovely evening.

– The Sisters Ravens


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