#8 – Origami Party

The Super Koala and I dabbled in origami recently. I don’t know if I would count it as a party, but we did listen to music, and we were together. We used a kit that I had gotten a while ago. It had lots of origami paper and an instruction booklet that shows how to make many different geometric shapes.


The first project we did was a pinwheel.


It required two sheets of paper each, and we had to cut them into four squares. Seeing that neither Super Koala or I are expert cutters, this was a very difficult and time consuming step.


Once we finished cutting, we each had eight squares. After lots of folding and a few frustrations, our squares looked like polygons.


Then we had to link our polygons in a very strange fashion and they turned into octagons.


After being octagons for a little, we finally figured out how to turn them into pinwheels.


Even through some struggles, Super Koala successfully made a pinwheel on her first ever origami expedition!


The next day we had origami party part two, and this time we made a three-dimensional diamond.


This one was much more difficult, and once we got through the folding part, our two halves of the diamond looked like this.


Then all the directions said was to put the two pieces together by inserting the points into the pockets. It took us a very long time to figure out how to do this. There was much throwing and frustration.


However, I finally achieved the fusing of the two halves, and Sparhawk got Super Koala’s to work.

IMG_2919  IMG_2918

Overall, it was a very good origami experience, and it was super fun doing it together.




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