22. Minigolf


On Friday, the Captain and I journeyed to the illustrious and innovative “Fun Acres” for a rousting round of pint-sized hitting balls into holes in the ground.  This statement is actually hilarious because, if you’ve ever been to Fun Acres, you know it is neither of those things.  However!  It is incredibly cheap to play, and it is sort of precious in a slightly-falling apart way.  It’s definitely got character.  Each hole proudly features some sort of gimmick, as all great mini-golf courses do.

IMG_2940 IMG_2941

I think the dinosaur and the turtle were our personal favorites.  Though, Spazz looks really excited to see that rocket.

IMG_2942 IMG_2943

Basically, Spazzmataz absolutely crushed the front nine.  Especially in comparison to me, because I got a 10 for two holes.  Par for the front nine was something like 27.  And I got that in just two turns.

But the back nine saved me.  I absolutely killed it, if I do say so myself, and actually made par overall for the back.  Le Capitan could not say the same.  She tragically maxed it out scoring an 11 on one hole and a 15 on another.  This means that I came out the winner, in a true underdog upset.


V is for Victory!

– The Sisters Ravens


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