7. Sidewalk Chalk & 16. Askinosie Tour

Well, we are tragically nearing the end of Spazzmataz’s time in Springfield, which means we’re nearing the end of possible time to complete bucket list items.  Needless to say, we are very sad about this.  But we’re also being diligent about completing our list!

Yesterday, the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  It’s gorgeous today, too, as a matter of fact.  To celebrate this, we finally decided to get some quality sidewalk chalking done.


I actually don’t have a sidewalk, so we decided to chalk part of my back patio.  Puppies were very invested.IMG_2978 IMG_2979 IMG_2980

After a lot of indecision, we decided to chalk a border, which allowed for some idea procrastination.  Ultimately, we went with the sun and moon theme.  Sara took the moon half, and I took the sun.  However, we were interrupted in our endeavors, because we had a tour scheduled at Askinosie Chocolate Factory.

If you’ve never heard of Askinosie, you should definitely look up the company.  They do a lot of incredible things, not only for the Springfield community, but also the global community.  This is particularly amazing when you see how little the establishment is and how few people work there.

IMG_2981 IMG_2982 IMG_2983

Throughout the tour, we learned some interesting things about chocolate making, something I know nothing about for how passionately I enjoy it.  We got to taste test some excellent samples at the end, but at the beginning we tasted what they call “nibs,” which are just roasted cocoa beans.  Captain valiantly ate all of hers, but she’ll probably tell you that was a bad idea.  I only tasted a little and promptly disposed of mine.  I am not so brave.


At the end of the tour we got two cocoa butter based white chocolate bars made from cocoa from the Phillipines and a fancy bar called El Rustico from Honduras.  They are extraordinarily delicious, and the tour was a good time.


We came home, had some excellent dinner prepared by Sparhawk, finished our exquisite chalk masterpiece, snacked on some chocolate, and lazed on the weather.  A+ day, I do think.

– The Sisters Ravens


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