#17 – Zipline & #29 – Closet Project

Today, Super Koala and I had our last trip to Branson of this summer. However, we made it the best trip yet. At the crack of dawn (actually 9:30, but basically the same thing), we packed up and went to Indian Point Zipline. Super Koala was very nervous, and is still unsure as to how she feels about the experience, but I was uber excited.





We didn’t get to take any pictures while we were actually going through the tour, but I got a picture of the entrance and the first tower.

IMG_2992 IMG_2993

It was super fun. I even went upside down, TWICE! Super Koala was a big wuss-puss, and was scared pretty much the entire time, but we did it and everyone on the tour survived. Our guides were really awesome too. They were super nice and really helpful, especially with the stopping part. The entire experience was awesome and I am so glad we got to go.

Afterward, we went to Silver Dollar City one last time. We rode every roller coaster, got another red velvet funnel cake, and had a great last trip.

Later when we got back home, Super Koala and I finally finished cleaning and reorganizing her closet. Pre-cleaning, her closet was very messy and unorganized.


It was a rough beginning getting Super Koala to get rid of some of her older clothes. She has one t-shirt that she loves, but it is too small and has lots of holes in it, so I made her get rid of it. Her reaction was very dramatic.


However, she was very good at getting rid of some things all on her own; including her beloved speech and debate t-shirt.


I was very proud of her and in the end, her closet wound up looking much nicer.


She got rid of lots of clothes, and she is going to donate them to charity. How thoughtful.


Even though there was some cleaning to be done, today was awesome.


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