#11 – The Giant Cinnamon Roll Adventure

One of our major quests of the summer was to find the best giant cinnamon roll in Springfield. We had three contenders. Hurtz Donuts, Lambert’s Cafe, and Alli’s Family Restaurant. All three places sported very tasty looking giant cinnamon rolls, but we had to figure out which one was the best. We judged on four different criteria: taste, price, size, and appearance.


I thought that the cinnamon roll from Lambert’s tasted the best where as Super Koala argued that it was Hurtz. However, we both agreed that Alli’s was the least tasty. Sorry Alli’s.


This category was much easier to judge because it was based on fact rather than opinion. Lambert’s had the cheapest, Alli’s was in the middle, and Hurtz was the most expensive.


Both Super Koala and I agreed that Hurtz’s cinnamon roll was the biggest, and Lambert’s and Alli’s were the same size.


I believed Lambert’s cinnamon roll to be the most appealing to look at, followed by Alli’s then Hurtz. Super Koala thought that Lambert’s and Alli’s were lacking something special, so she gave them the same rating with Hurtz bringing um the rear.

We graded on a scale of five. Here are the official ratings.

Super Koala:                                                           Captain Spazzmataz:

Hurtz       Lambert’s       Alli’s                                         Hurtz        Lambert’s        Alli’s

Taste:               5                   4                3                                                4                  5                  3

Price:                3                   5                4                                                3                  5                  4

Size:                  4                   3                3                                                4                  3                  3

Appearance:      3                   4                4                                                3                  5                  4

From the very scientific data above. It is clear that Lambert’s with a total score of 34 out of 40 has won the Giant Cinnamon Roll Challenge, and is now deemed the best giant cinnamon roll in Springfield!

Alli's 28/40

Alli’s 28/40

Hurtz 29/40

Hurtz 29/40

Lambert's 34/40 Winner!

Lambert’s 34/40


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