20. Vintage Veranda


Today, Captain Spazzmataz and I celebrated a most momentous occasion.  Our MamaBird came to Springfield (tragically to take the Captain away from me.)  Regardless, it is exciting to have her visit.  Not only was this her first time seeing my new house, but it was also her birthday!  To celebrate, we went to a delicious and adorable lunch at the Tea Room at Vintage Veranda, a cute little gem I found not too far from my hizzouse.

IMG_2997 IMG_2998 IMG_2999

After an in depth round of pictures, the enjoyment of the exceptional surroundings, and the perusing of a daily menu, we placed our order.  The food that arrived was absolutely delicious.  Seriously, everyone should go.  The broccoli cheddar soup I had was easily the best broccoli cheddar soup of my life.  Food is served on unique plates, decorated and prepared in a most wonderful fashion.

IMG_3001 IMG_3002

The folks at the Tea Room are also undeniably evil geniuses.  They have your waiter bring out a dessert tray, clearly displaying the many scrumptious items crying out for consumption.  We were weak in the face of terrific tastiness.  C.S. got herself a macaroon, something she’s become very fond of since our trip to Elle’s, and MamaBird and I split a slice of Butter Finger cake.  Marvelous.
IMG_3003 IMG_3004

– The Sisters Ravens

P.S. We sadly won’t have a post for Fantastic Caverns or Archery.  We were not able to complete these during Captain’s visit, partially due to happenstance and partially due to MamaBird’s more important birthday festivities.  However, the summer is not over yet, and we hold out hope!  The bucket list shall continue at a later date.


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