First Day of Silence

Once again, Super Koala and I are apart. Making the separation even harder is the fact that we have set a challenge for ourselves to not talk to each other until Super Koala comes and visits me in August. It will be quite the challenge indeed, and there are a set of strict rules.


1) Communication through telephone is prohibited i.e. talking, texting, etc.
2) Snapchats, because they are short, are acceptable. (I have to see pictures of the puppies!)
3) This challenge will last until August 16th; the date of Super Koala’s next visit.
4) Posts must be alternated everyday starting with my post today.
5) If one person forgets to post, the other person gets a small present for each day missed.

Now, enough with the formalities, it is time to get my post on.

Dearest Super Koala,

As you know, today was my first day of band camp. It actually went surprisingly well! It was extremely helpful to have the freshman already marching ready. Most of them are already better than the majority of the sophomores. We got through all of the fundamentals that would normally take a week to accomplish. On top of that, the weather wasn’t all that dreadful! It wasn’t too humid, and not incredibly hot. It turned out to be a pretty good time. We were only outside until lunch. After that was an inside music rehearsal. Tomorrow we will start setting drill at about 8AM. Brakefield hopes to form sets one through fifteen, which half of them are holds, but we will see how it goes. He always sets extremely high expectations.

Also, today I had an orthodontist appointment. It went really well, and in six weeks, they are going to check to see if I can get them off!!! That is more than three months ahead of schedule! I am super excited.

When I went to make my lunch for band, I found very little food in the pantry (I assume that the parents ate out most nights). So today, Dad and I went grocery shopping. I got lots of snacks, including brownie filled chips ahoy, and more apples! I have been really into apples lately, and I am not sure why. Oh well, they are tasty and that is all that matters.

Well, that is about all that happened today. There aren’t many adventures to report when the bulk of your day is spent doing the same thing. For the rest of the evening I will be practicing, reading, and making your duct tape pens.

So long for now,
– CS


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