Second Day of Silence

Dear Captain Spazzmataz,

I’m glad band camp went well!  At least your first day, of course.  I don’t know what things are like in Saint Louie, but the weather is quite a bit warmer today.  Poor puppies had to go for a slightly shorter walk because they were warm.  It’s also sad for Sparhawk, who is working band camp this whole week.  Anyhow, it must be really nice not to have to do basics all day long.  Fifteen sets in one day seems like a whole lot, but I think the hardest part is getting used to reading the chart.  So, once that’s mastered, I think it could be possible.

Triple hooray for your braces!  That’s so exciting.  Your teeth are obviously really prepared to be straight and fantastic.  Did you get to pick another color?  If you did, I hope you picked an excellent combo for your potentially last set.  I also had some of the brownie filled cookies, and they were delicious.  Possibly more delicious than the Oreo cream filled ones.  Like I said, I now have so many cookies.

The last two days Orange Is the New Black has taken over my life.  But not too terribly, because I’ve still been accomplishing everything on my to-do lists, including reading and writing.  My favorite character is Miss Claudette.  She was weepy this past episode, and I did not like it.  I’ve also gone on real bike rides yesterday and today.  For 30 minutes.  My turns are terrible; I need to get better so I don’t end up face planting on my sidewalk, which would be embarrassing.

After today’s bike ride, the girls staged another escape.  I opened the door to go into the house as I was closing the garage door, and Nyxie bolted out.  Of course, Annabelle had to follow suit.  It was kind of terrifying because the door was really close to closing.  So close that short little Nyx triggered the sensor.  Then I had to run out and round them up.  Had someone been watching, I’m sure it would have amused you.

I’ve wanted to text you lots of times!  It’s been tempting, because like I said, Sparhawk is extra gone working band camp every day, so I basically just have le pups to hang out with unless I go out and about to see people.  This will happen tonight for tacos!

Well, I’m going to go accomplish more things on the list, and fix up the links for our bucket list.  Don’t forget to let me know about your band schedule!


– Super Koala


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