Fourth Day of Silence

Dearest C.S.,

I’m fine with keeping our post titles this way.  Are you?

I was trying to wait till I made my post today, but either I do it now or rather late, and I don’t want you to think I missed today.  I’m going to my first Hot Yoga class in about half an hour.  It’s 75 minutes long, so I won’t be back home to post until 9ish.  I imagine I’ll be so horrendously sweaty that all I’ll want to do is shower immediately, which means even later time to post.  Moral of the story, you’ll have to wait until Saturday to hear all about the wonders, or horrors, of hot yoga.

Moving forward!  Our weather was so much better today than yesterday.  It was also disgustingly humid for us.  I hope this means your weather was cooler and breezier as well.  I don’t remember exactly how many water breaks we used to get, but I know it wasn’t very many.  I know this because everyone was always complaining that we didn’t get enough water breaks.  I’m super excited about your melody line!  I bet it sounds beautiful.

I too have many different tan lines.  I was thinking about tanning in the backyard to try to fix some, but I took a nap instead.  Maybe you, too, can adopt this model for coping.  (Annabelle just put her head on my shoulder and licked my ear.  It was adorable.)  Also, I’m incredibly proud you didn’t freak out too terribly and kept yourself safe in the light of the almighty bug inside your car.  I have killed many spiders in my recent outside walks, but only one inside the house since Eric sprayed the stuff.

Someone should definitely send me a picture of the sunflower!  Sparhawk harvested two cucumbers and a tomato from his garden.  We haven’t eaten them yet, but I hope they’re delicious.  Particularly the cucumbers because tomatoes are gross.

I’ll have to look up races for that weekend in September and write about them in my next post.  Have you talked to the parentals to see if they’ll let you drive down?  You should make sure they will.

In exciting news, our shirts came in the mail today!  I’ll take a picture of them for my next post.  I also caved and ordered a new Fitbit charger, but it won’t ship for one to two weeks, so that’s pretty sad.  I’ll be fitbitless for a while.  I did order a fancy new band though, in that pretty blue color, so I’m excited for that.  I also ate a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, and like you predicted, they were not as delicious as I dreamed.  The cake was much better.

Anyway, I need to get ready to go!  Look forward to hearing from you tomorrow!

-S. K.


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