Third Day of Silence

Dearest Super Koala,

Band camp was very toasty today. You could almost see the humidity in the air. It was absolutely gross. There was no breeze, and we only got two water breaks before lunch. How many water breaks did you get? Anyway, fifteen sets was over ambitious. We only got through ten, but we made it to fifteen today. I guess that is more progress then normal. We, the saxophone section, are actually important this year! Normally, we are just background fluff that isn’t that important, but this year we have melody!!! It is super exciting. We went outside after lunch for the first time today. I was wearing my workout leggings that go just below the knee, and I forgot to reapply sunscreen so now I too have a horrible tan line. It is probably even worse than yours. Also, the back of my neck is a nice dark brown from going to Silver Dollar City and always wearing my hair up. Moral of the story, I have millions of different tan lines at the moment. When I was driving home I had my windows down, and a bug flew in my car! It was the worst, scariest, most horriblest thing ever. It stayed in the back seat buzzing for a really long time until it finally figured out that it had to escape through the front window. I don’t even like typing about it, so I am going to move on now.

I did get to pick new colors for my braces, however I just picked one; dark purple. It seems fitting. They tightened the top wire, so my mouth has been pretty sore, especially because of all of the playing I have been doing. Today I had saxophone lessons and I really didn’t want to play anymore by the time I got there.

I have the same Netflix problem only with How I Met Your Mother. It is pretty addicting. I watch one episode then I see the timer counting down to the next episode so I decide to watch it, and by the time I look up at the clock again, I realize I have watched like seven episodes. Also, I feel like the day goes by too fast. I can’t get as much done as I would like because I have to spend so much of my time at band. I did get to see some of my friends that graduated though. Nicole came up to visit Shannon yesterday, and two other friends came up today.

I also have wanted to text you many times. Nonna has a sunflower growing in her garden, and I so so so badly wanted to text you a picture of it, so instead Mommabird will text you the picture. That isn’t against the rules is it?

I have been good about making you a flower pen every day. I will make the third later tonight.

My band schedule is as follows:
Football Games – Aug. 29, Sep. 12, Oct. 3 (homecoming), and Oct. 17
Competitions – Sep. 13 (Metro East Marching Classic), Sep. 20 (Farmington), Sep. 27-28 (Owasso, OK), and Oct. 18 (Mizzou Championship)

There is only one weekend I have open in September, and it is the first one. If we are going to do a race in that month it will have to be that weekend. Anyway, I have to get back to doing productive things, so I will patiently await your post tomorrow.

– CS

P.S. Should we keep titling our posts like this, or should we come up with individual names?


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