Sixth Day of Silence

Mon Capitan,

Le sigh.  This evening was oddly stressful.  I wish I could call you to talk about it because it was so weird, and I need to tell someone.  I will try my best to convey the series of unfortunate events through text.

It all started when I decided to take the girls on a long walk.  I was deep in the fancy streets, when two geriatric puffball dogs start lumbering toward us.  (Why does no one leash their dogs in this neighborhood?!)  When they caught up with us, they did a lot of growling and butt sniffing, which the girls did NOT appreciate.  They weren’t so much a problem, but they were making the walk take forever.  When we got closer to their house though, the mammoth of all male boxers pulled out of his collar and charged toward our group.  This caused instant chaos.  He kept trying to pick on Nyx, who got ferocious.  Annabelle, never one to be left out, also had to be ferocious and pulls out of her collar.  Darn beefy neck.  Earlier in the walk she had barked at one of the little girls on the street for no apparent reason, so I was worried by this.  Annabelle and the boxer start scrabbling, I pick Nyx up, and eventually the lady who owns all three of the dogs comes over to help.  Annabelle gets her leash back on, and the puffballs are herded to the backyard.  To get the boxer into the backyard, Annabelle, Nyx, and I went back there ourselves to entice him as a favor to the lady.  I’m not sure why we needed to do her a favor.  Boxer is smart.  He knows going into the backyard means the loss of his eternal freedom; he is not interested.  It takes ten minutes to get him back there.  Finally, we escape.

Several streets down, we run into a pack of tiny dachshunds.  Legitimately, there were three of them, and they looked so small and funny, I originally thought they we kittens.  The dachshunds are not amused at our present, they begin barking and advancing toward us.  The girls are not afraid, and Annabelle probably feels like a giant at this point.  The girls attempt to bark back.  I bark the loudest, and switch directions, which involves some pulling.  On the new street, a toddler runs out into the street he’s so happy to see us.  Instant terror in the hearts of my wee pups.  The baby tries to follow us; I am wondering where his responsible adults are.  Finally, a mother figure appears and swoops him away.  We’re almost to the house when from no where, a final off leash dog appears with intent to tussle with Annabelle.  She’s not in the mood.  I yell a little bit because I’m tired of this nonsense.  Annabelle shows her teeth.  The dog backs up, growls a lot, but does not try to follow us.  Thank goodness.

At this point in the very long story, all I want is to check my precious mail.  This is not possible.  As I approach the male box, I notice a tiny smidgen of spider web at the lip.  I investigate only to discover there is a disgusting wooly spider living under the handle to the mailbox, right where I was about to put my finger.  Thank everything in the universe I noticed the web, otherwise I’d probably still be sobbing.  Sparhawk will have to take care of that problem once he is home from work.

Sorry for the rant.  Onto better things.

I am so incredibly excited for you and your phone!  Is it beautiful, do you love it?  It’s super cute that Moms and Pops surprised you like that.  Do you have the FitBit app now?  I can’t believe MamaBird stormed out of the AT&T store.  Why was she so upset?  I don’t think that’s ever happened before.  At least not to my knowledge.

It is also very cute that Shannon bought everyone ice cream.  I’m glad you’re first week is going well.  I haven’t decided on a competition yet, though I think I’d rather go to something later in the season, so I can see everything when it’s really good.  Maybe Farmington, unless it works out that I should go to Mizzou again.  Obviously, Oklahoma is probably out.

On September 6th there are three runs in my area.  They are the Caveman 5k, Getting Dirty to Stay Clean 5k, and Little Heroes 5k.  I think the second one is the one on the trail at Rutledge-Wilson farms.  You should try to look them up, and tell me if you like any of them.

I think that is it for today.  I hope you’re having a lovely weekend, and I look forward to your post tomorrow!

– Super Koala

P.S. My fitbit is about to die.  No charger yet.  But I’d like to note that I’m currently beating you by almost double the steps.  Victory!




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