Seventh Day of Silence

Dearest Super Koala,

I am very sorry to hear that the girls and yourself were so distressed on your walk. The universe is obviously telling you that you need me there to be your walking buddy all of the time. Speaking of walks, Mom went on a walk this morning.  Anyway, it would have been incredibly awful if you had accidentally touched that horrible creature underneath the mailbox handle. I probably would have cried a little.

The reason you are getting more steps than me is because I realized you don’t take that many steps during band camp. It is a lot of moving a little bit then standing around, and I don’t accumulate many steps that way. Then, by the time I get home I don’t want to do anything but lay down. Speaking of laying down, I was watching How I Met Your Mother today, and there was a comment about Hurts Donuts. Is Hurts only in Springfield, or are there more? And if there is only the one in Springfield, are they big HIMYM fans?

I am also very excited about my phone. I do love it, however, it doesn’t seem to have a very long battery life. Oh well, at least I have one. I don’t even really know why Mom was so upset. I think it is because they came out with this new plan that everyone is switching to, but it actually winds up being more expensive even though they make it sound like it is cheeper. And every time she goes in, they try to get her to switch to that plan? I don’t know, long story short, she went in the next day and came out with a new phone for me, so I guess she worked it all out.

I haven’t looked into the runs yet, but I will tomorrow. That is Labor Day weekend too, so I have a three day weekend which would probably be a really good time to come down. I haven’t talked to the parents to see if they would let me come down, but I will after I look up the races. So we will see.

Well, my weekend has been very uneventful, so there isn’t really much to report. Yesterday I went to a party for a graduation on Mom’s side of the family, so it was pretty boring. Today I was very lazy and made flowers, read, and watched Netflix all day. And that is pretty much it. I know, I live a life full of excitement and adventures. You are so jealous and you wish we could switch lives because I have so much more fun than you. Well that is just too bad, and you are going to have to just be sad that you didn’t have as awesome a weekend as I did. Sorry.

Looking forward to your post tomorrow,

– Captain Spazzmataz

P.S. I almost forgot about my post today, but remembered it at the last second just as I was about to go to sleep. Yay me!


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