Eighth Day of Silence

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

I was oh, so very concerned you would not get your post in yesterday.  Though I was excited by the potential of a present in my future.  The past two days have been much better, so I have less to rant about.  This means I can catch up on a few things!

I’m not sure about the HIMYM reference.  I know the Hurts Donut we have is the only one, except I think they’re opening a second store further south.  Oklahoma perhaps?  But, the shop is based off the phrase “Hurts, don’t it?” so maybe someone else was clever.  Like the HIMYM writers.  I forgot to ask, does you phone allow you to upload pictures?  Does it have a fancy camera?  Because then we could work on our postcard and wreck this journal books, and post pictures to the blog for the other to see!  I think that would be cute.

I realized the weekend you might come down to run is also the weekend I have my first tattoo appointment.  But, it’s not till late Saturday afternoon.  So, if the runs are early like they’ve been in the past, we could still go to the run, and you could keep the girls company while I have tattoo time.  You could always come with me, but I think that’d be boring for you.  I wanted to give you a heads up though, so you could decide what you want to do.

Your last paragraph totally made me chuckle!  My weekend was actually pretty fun.  It was Katy’s last weekend in town, so we went out and did lots of different things, which lead to the purchase of my dozen doughnuts before she officially left on Sunday.  Today was my second hot yoga day.  I was super healthy today.  Not only did I go the gym for my usual workoutness, I went to hot yoga after.  I definitely love/hate the experience.  It’s kind of wonderful in some ways.  I feel really fresh afterwards; I can breath really well and my head feels clearer if I go in with a headache or whatever.  But afterwards, I’m so sweaty I look like I’ve been swimming.  And it’s yoga, and I’m still not flexible at all, so there’s that problem.  While it’s happening, I basically hate everything, but I do enjoy the aftereffects.

I forgot to tell you I finally used my matte top coat.  It looked really cool over the new Essie colors, and it still works well to smooth out any bumps in painting.  It dries really quickly.  But, I don’t think it does a good enough job in terms of preserving the nail polish; it chipped really quickly.  Next time, I think I’m going to put my Essie topcoat down and then the matte finish.  Hopefully, that works better.

Anyhow, I’m going to feast on the tasty dinner I made.  I hope band camp is progressing well!  The weather was quite nice today.

Looking forward to your post!

– Super Koala


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