Tenth Day of Silence

Dear Captain Spazzmataz,

You pose good questions in regards to journal wrecking/postcarding.  I feel like if we want to do something with rules and specifics, I think we should wait and decide rules and such when we get to see each other in August.  But if we want to do a more leisurely strategy, then we could start whenever, I suppose.  Also, I shall research runs tomorrow.  It might be better if wait till October, because then I have more time to properly train.  After all, if we run the whole thing we can move onto 10ks!  The only sad thing is the lack of three day weekend.  Those are my favorite.

Today has been quite the adventure.  I went to my classroom for the first time to prep for the school year.  Sparhawk came to deal with the inevitable spiders, which was incredibly fortunate.  I came in and it was like Christmas.  I got the new textbooks I hoped for, so I did a small happy dance with those.  I’m so excited to have actual resources.  Like designed worksheets and tests that already go along with what the kiddos are learning.  I, of course, will still tweak and adjust per necessary, but it’s nice to have a base.  Then, I noticed something scurrying in the corner.  It was obviously very tiny, but still large enough to be seen from across the room.  I’m thinking mutant wolf spider of doom.  It actually turned out to be a very tiny mouse living underneath my bookshelf.  Sparhawk caught him, and after some research on wild mice, we decided to take him home!  His name is Scuttle and he’s only the size of a small strawberry.  We had to get him an aquarium because he could fit between bars of regular rodent cages.  I’ll send you pictures once I get a good one.

I’m so happy for your band camp adventures!  It was extraordinarily humid down here today, and now it’s raining, so the girls are rather restless.  They have not walked yet.  I hope the nice weather stayed for you.

Looking forward to your next post! Love,

– Super Koala

P.S. You should see if my man sweater is in dad’s closet.  It’s missing.  I’m le sad.

P.P.S. You should also tell Mom that when we reunite in August that we should have pedicures and actually go to breakfast.  I’m sad that plan didn’t happen.


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