Twelfth Day of Silence

Dear Captain Spazzmataz,

Twelfth is a weird word.  Any how, I do officially have an adorable rodent pet!  Except, Scuttle is more of Sparhawk’s pet.  But really, is kind of like our roommate right now because we can’t touch him.  Right now he’s not tame at all, so we can’t touch him.  Also, we have to do a few things to make sure he isn’t sickly.  But Sparhawk is going to work on integrating him into the family/turning him into a jumping circus mouse.  The girls got to sniff at him when he first came home, but they were more interested in his home we were setting up.  Plus, if he ever escapes they’ll never be able to catch him.  He’s the fastest rodent creature I’ve ever seen, and he’s so very tiny.  I suppose my soul just calls out to deceptively fast animals.

The weather today was beautiful!  Ish, because it did get a little humid.  I hope you also got to enjoy it.  It’s so crazy that you guys are moving faster than the drill writer.  Obviously, he needs to step up his game.  I really love the image of you sweating waterfalls.  I’m glad you had fun with Jaden!  Where was Winter?  I’m so used to them coming together.

For runs we have the following options:
October 11 – Mercy Sunshine Run
October 25 – Jack’s Wizard Waddle 5k (I don’t understand the name – but I like it.)
October 25 – Mustache 5k (This has conflicting info or something on the website.  We’d have to check into it.)
Let me know what you think when you look into them!

Today I kind of did a whole lot of nothing.  I decided to celebrate my almost school time by being kind of lazy, though still getting necessary stuff.  And then next week I’m going to be exciting and do things.  Yesterday I went and got a super sweet sport watch.  It can do basically anything I can think of, including storing the names and phone numbers of 20 of my closest friends/family.  It’s pretty swanky.  I’m really into the watches lately.  I think for Christmas I might ask for a fancy watch box.  I need something to hold my budding collection.  Maybe I finally found something I want to collect?

I also went down a dark path today.  I started watching How I Met Your Mother.  I know, it was drastic.  But I finished Soul Eater, and I needed something to Netflix.  HIMYM is so perfect for everything.  I can do all my stuff, beside reading and writing, while it’s on and still get the major gist of what’s going on.  Robin is my spirit animal; I love her.  Also, they’re eating Chinese food right now.  Not cool, HIMYM, not cool.

I’m looking forward to your post!  It’s tax free weekend.  Is there clothes shopping in your future?


– Super Koala

P.S. My amazing man sweater is blue.  I feel like I should start buying more real man sweaters.  They look so comfy.


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