Thirteenth Day of Silence

Dearest Super Koala,

I am glad that Scuttle isn’t in danger of being eaten. I was a little afraid that he might one day get out and be toast. If you can’t even touch him, how did you guys get him home, and if he is so fast, how did you catch him? Also, Dad now thinks you are running a circus. He wasn’t too thrilled at the idea that you were keeping a wild rodent in the house.

The weather today and yesterday has not been beautiful. Not even beautifulish. It has been gross and super humid and really hot. Yesterday during band we learned these new sets that have a lot of movement while we are holding. On top of that there are super chromatic runs that make the whole section very difficult. I hope everyone remembers them on Monday. The reason we were watching Jaden was because Heather took Winter to a orientation thingy at her middle school. After that, Winter was dropped off at the house while Heather had to go do other things, so she was there when I got home from camp. It was kind of nice getting to hang out with them because we hardly ever get to see them. Then, all of us went out to the BBQ to get dinner. This year they grilled corn for the first time. It was really good. I had two cobs.

Today, Mom and I went out to lunch at the casino with Nonna, then we went shopping. First we went to Walmart to get school supplies. I love buying school supplies. They are just so pretty. I got a really cute planner and matching notebooks and folders. Then we went to the mall. Mom had some coupons for JCPenny’s so I got another pair of exercise shorts and a pair of nice dress pants. At Macy’s I got a really cute backpack. It is from the same company that I got my backpack from last year. This time it is black and has peacocks all over it. Then at Famous Footwear, I got a new pair of tennis shoes and a pair of slides. It was a pretty great shopping trip.

I feel like watch collecting is an expensive hobby to get into. Unless of course you wind up getting your watches over half of like your Fossil one. But, I guess there are worse things to collect. Watching HIMYM is NOT a dark path. It is a great one filled with laughter, happiness, and slaps. Also, why are they not cool for eating Chinese food? Is it because you want Chinese food? I have not looked up any of the runs, but I promise I will soon. Also, I am really proud of us for not forgetting to post yet. I feel like our project is going pretty successfully.

I will look forward to your next post.

– Captain Spazzmataz


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