Fourteenth Day of Silence

Dear Captain Spazzmataz,

I absolutely cannot wait for you to come visit again.  The girls have gotten so goofy in your absence.  I went to feed them about 10 minutes ago, and Nyx turned into a crazy ping-pong ball of joy, rebounded off almost all the living room furniture, and then did a happy dance waiting for her food.  She does something similar when it’s time for walks, and I pick up her leash.  To answer your Scuttle questions: We caught him initially by trapping him in a vase I had gotten.  It was in my closet at school.  Sparhawk put a little smidgen of food in the back of the vase and laid it on the ground.  When Scuttle went for the food, he stood the vase up.  Boom.  Instant mouse pet.  He came home in the vase as well.  And, while you can tell Pops that I am not running a circus, if I were to sign up any of the critters, it would be Scuttle.  His bat mouse tricks are outstanding.  Scuttle actually managed to escape while Sparhawk was giving him a mousie bath, but he was pretty easily recaptured.  He sat in Sparhawk’s hand for a nice while before that, so we’re working on taming him.  Dad won’t even notice his presence when he comes to visit again.

I’m so jealous that I missed the barbecue.  It’s always so delicious.  Especially jealous of corn on the cob!  I bet Pops was tired after he got home.  He’s always there the full time.  MamaBird mentioned that Heather and the kiddos got to go with you.  That’s pretty awesome.  I didn’t know what slides were, so I had to look them up.  Are they comfy?  Do you love them?  I really enjoyed the picture of the Nikes you sent me.  I unfortunately did not go shopping because I am low on the dollars and trying to save up for my tattoo.  Next paycheck will be super budget time.

Collecting watches would be expensive, but I don’t think I’d get too crazy.  Maybe just enough to fill up a watch box.  Plus they don’t have to be super expensive, just cool looking.  It was not cool that they were eating Chinese food on HIMYM because I wanted to be eating Chinese food after I saw them.  As I mentioned, I’m saving my dollars, so no Chinese food for me.  Now I’m talking about it again, which is not helping.

Yesterday, I was so incredibly productive.  You should be proud of me.  I even worked on organizing my desk some.  I didn’t have a chance to play any GameCube though, so I did some of that today.  I’m trying to make sure I finish up the games in time.  I loves the GameCube; it’ll be sad to see it go.

Today I began my official last week of summer by being exciting, like I promised.  I went to Patton Alley for half priced appetizers and drinks with about six friends.  Patton is an excellent place because on Sunday it’s happy hour all day, hence forth half priced appetizers.  Then, we went to Hurts.  It was necessary because Hurts is right across the street from Patton.  Mandatory attendance.

Well, I need to go.  Annabelle is going berserk.  She clearly needs a walk.  I’m going to work on fixing my sleep schedule this week, so hopefully I will find myself in bed soon.  Have a good last full week of band camp!


– Super Koala

P.S. My FitBit charger still has not shipped.  Cranky.


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