Sixteenth Day of Silence

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

I really can’t be too mad you forgot.  Now I get a present, and there was a post waiting for me when I woke up.  Though I was sad last night.  I almost fell into the same trap this evening.  I slightly dozed off while watching Netflix with the girls.  It was cute though.  Annabelle was curled up on my side while Nyx was curled into a ball on my chest/stomach.  All the puppy love.  I’ll have to send you more snapchats.  Today we went to the dog park, and it was so perfect.  Nyx gets overwhelmed very easily; unfortunately, she gets a little snappy when she’s scared.  We’ve had some dog park struggles going at busy times.  But today there were only three dogs there.  They were all around her size, and two of them were beagles, meaning they were high energy enough that Annabelle could play but not intimidating to Nyx.  We had a blast.  After we came home, the girls legitimately slept all day except for when I made them go outside.

Kevin’s party sounds fun!  I saw a picture of the cake on FaceBook.  So much dedication.  Carla is fun to hang out with.  She plays games, which is always a plus.  Why were there no people at band camp?  Where did they possibly all go?  Did the stage a coup and all walk out?  That would be so silly.  From your posts, band camp doesn’t sound too bad this year.

Yesterday Sparhawk took me out on a real date.  We did the three course dinner specials from 417 Magazine at Farmer’s Gastropub.  It was so incredibly delicious.  Like out of this world delicious.  If you liked more big kid food, I’d totally swoop into St. Louis and steal you so you could experience the delicious.  Plus it was really cute because we haven’t been on a date in a really long time.  I also went to hot yoga yesterday, despite the fact that I’m still terrible at yoga.  I need to be more dedicated to playing GameCube.  I’ve almost beat Luigi’s Mansion, but I still have all of SpongeBob!  I don’t think I’ll be able to finish before it’s time to return the almighty Cube.

Sorry this post is kind of short.  Not too many momentous things have happened, though I feel the past 48 hours have been pretty good.  Tacos tonight were delicious as always.  For some reason they randomly brought Sparhawk a free fancy Mexican beer.  I have no idea why.  Tomorrow I have a hair appointment to get all the rest of the blue out.  I kind of want to get it trimmed and get it nice and short again while I’m there, but I cannot decide.  I haven’t gotten to the phase where I miss my long hair yet, but it could be approaching.

Look forward to reading from you!

– Super Koala


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