Eighteenth Day of Silence

Dear Captain Spazzmataz,

I’m sorry my post is coming in so late this evening.  Hopefully you’ll be able to see it in the morning.  However, I promise I didn’t forget!  Tonight the whole little family went over to Corbin’s house so they could meet Nyx.  Nyx and Annabelle will be spending their Saturday there next weekend while I come to visit St. Louis.  (Sparhawk works a double that day.)  Nyxie actually did really well.  Other than being hissed at by one of the cats, she didn’t seem too terrified.  She even let Corbin sit by her and pet her for a bit.

You’d be so proud of me.  I woke up at 7 both today and yesterday.  I went to hot yoga, but other than that nothing too terribly exciting happened.  Mostly, I’ve been playing a lot of GameCube.  While I so infinitely appreciate you letting me borrow it for any even more extended period of time, it’s still my goal to return your precious to you.  I did go and get my hair dyed yesterday.  The blue is mostly gone, though a greenish hue is still in a couple places.  Then I went and bought Sparhawk a coffee at Elle’s in exchange for an Imo’s salad.  It was actually a cute afternoon since I got to surprise see him for a little bit.  While yesterday’s weather was beautiful, we got some of your scary rain today.  It’s come in really odd intervals with very sunny spots in between.  This has made it very hard to keep the puppies walked, happy, and dry.

The very last days of summer are officially here.  I am sad to see it go.  I’ve made the syllabi for my classes, but I haven’t done much else to prepare.  I guess now that I’ve gone through the experience, it does seem as scary as before.  Plus it’s hard to prepare too far in advance when I don’t know what my classes will actually be like.  I’ve got the first units covered for everyone, so that should hold us for a while.  Now that you’re in the last week as well, I hope you’re having a nice time and can say that you’ve had a fun summer.  Have you used your ice cream coupon with Shannon?  It’s going to expire soon!

Hooray we’re almost done with our days of silence!  One week till I visit!

– Super Koala

P.S. Did you look at the runs?


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