Nineteenth day of Silence

Dear Super Koala,

I will let your lateness slide this once because my post is coming in late as well. Tonight I went to the drum major party and then over to a friends house for a bonfire. I had surprisingly a lot of fun. I wasn’t expecting the party to be all that great, but there were definitely some memorable moments. One of my friends got thrown in the pool twice with all of her clothes on, and I got a half a glass of cold water poured down my back. If there was anyone that left dry, there was only a small few.

Yesterday I got my school pictures taken and my schedule. I didn’t wind up in jazz band because it didn’t fit with my other classes, so instead I am taking creative writing and foods one. For creative writing I got the same teacher that I had last year, so I am super excited. She was possibly my favorite (non-band) teacher. Then there was band camp from 12:30 to 2:30. I got there and a pretty steady rainfall had begun. I didn’t know what we were going to do because we took all of the chairs out of the cafeteria, and the band room is way to small to fit everyone. Brakefield pulled up just after I did so I asked him and he said, “I’ve got ponchos and drill!” In short, we marched outside without our instruments for two hours in the pouring rain wearing ponchos. It sounds unpleasant, but it was actually really fun, and we got the rest of our drill set.

This morning was the last day of band camp, and it was over at 11:30. We were able to run the entire show at the end, but it came at a high price. The field was basically a marsh. There was standing water, and within the first fifteen minutes of fundamentals, my shoes were filled with water. By the end of the day I had mud all down my legs, and you could barley tell that there was color other than pink on my shoes. When I took of my shoes, I could make a perfect footprint on the ground still in my socks. I did use my coupon with Shannon. I actually used it today. We went and got snow cones before the drum major party. I almost forgot about it until you said something, so thank you for reminding me.

As for the runs, the mustache one says it was in July, so I am thinking we won’t be able to make that one even though it sounded super fun. Out of the Mercy one and the Jack’s Wizard Waddle, I think I like Jack’s better. They are both the same price, and they are both timed with awards and everything, so we really have to bring our A game. But out of the two, I think Jack’s seems more fun.

That’s all for now. I look forward to your post tomorrow.

– C.S.


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