Twentieth Day of Silence

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

Annabelle just did the absolute cutest thing.  I discovered early today that Nyx doesn’t like Minties.  Though she does like Greenies.  This discovery came to fruition when I placed a Minty in Nyx’s bed and it remained uneaten for the rest of the day.  Just as I settled into type my post, Belles came into the room to my side with the little Minty bone poking out of her mouth and the cutest, “Mom, can I have this?” look on her face.  I tried to take a picture, but it’s too dark.  Needless to say, I let her have it.  It was so polite of her to ask.

It’s been another crazy night here at Club Koala, and by crazy I mean that it’s 9:45, and I’m already completely ready for bed.  I’ve brewed myself some sleepy time tea and set up some teaching materials/books by the bed, so that I can encourage a responsible bed time.  Starting tomorrow, I should really be in bed around 9 something so that I can wake up by 4 something.  Sparhawk is out of town tonight; he went to DCI finals in Indianapolis.  This just leaves me, the critters, and cozy evening.  It’s a pretty ideal Saturday night to me.

Last night was also pretty momentous.  Sparhawk had a Friday night off for the first time in a very long time.  Maybe over a year.  We thought about going out, but decided that it would be really fun to spend a night hanging out just the two of us, and actually doing things together instead of just doing separate things in a close space.  It was a lot of fun and a nice way to help end my summer.

I’m happy you had a fun time with all your water shenanigans, band camp included.  Do you not have night practices this coming week?  If you don’t, I’m super jealous.  Band camp has gotten way cooler it seems.  That’s awesome that you’ve got the show completely set, even with all the shortened outside rehearsals.  I’m exciting to see it!  I guess I’ll officially have to pick a competition this weekend.  I also think you’ll really like Creative Writing and Foods.  You already like to cook and sort of like to write, yeah?  Maybe it’ll even help your spelling.  (Tehe.)  You can absorb all the delicious recipes of foods and then make them for me when I see you.  Speaking of, I feel like there was something delicious you were supposed to make for my next visit, but I can’t remember what it was.

Doing a timed run makes me nervous.  What if we don’t finish on time.  It’s only a 5k, so I feel like the time might be relatively competitive.  But it’d be really cool to get a finisher’s medal.  Gah.  The pressure.  We’ll have to discuss.  Also, my FitBit charger finally, finally shipped today, so I’ll be among the steppers again soon.

Excited to see you in less than a week!

– Super Koala



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