Twenty-third Day of Silence

Dearest Super Koala,

Don’t fret. I did not forget about my post tonight. I was at band from 6-10. Yes, it was only supposed to run until 8:30, but we will get to that later.

It is a tragedy that you have to wake up that early, but I will soon be in the same boat as you. However, for tomorrow morning, I will be in the land of 8 o’clockers. I did notice how dark it was and that is why I was so confused. It was also sort of blurry, so it looked as though you were in a very scary place, which I guess from your perspective 5 AM is a very scary place.

Yesterday I finally finished my AP Language book! The last seven chapters were incredibly long and took about an hour and a half each to read. I finished the final sentence while waiting for Aaron to arrive at his house with the children. As I told you, I babysat for them last night. I was supposed to be at their house around 5:30, but because it was a Monday, Dad told me to leave around 4:15 to leave room for traffic. Unfortunately, there was barley any traffic and I wound up in front of their house at 5. This left a half an hour to finish up the dreaded book. Then I spent a lovely evening with the kiddos in which Addy ate all of her dinner, Tanner adorably played in his ball pit, and both children were easily put to bed. It was a pretty phenomenal babysitting experience. However, Tanner has become quite the needy baby. As soon as you put him down, he starts whining to be picked back up. My trick was to pick him up, but then sit down and eventually he didn’t want to be in my lap anymore, so he crawled away. I thought it was an ingenious plan, and it worked perfectly. I was babysitting because they went to go see Guardians of the Galaxy. They said that it was really good and that we should probably go see it this weekend.

This morning I woke up, ate breakfast, then finished everything that I needed to do to get the book portion of my summer work done. All I have left to do is watch the documentary and write a review. Then I practiced and from 10 AM to 4PM all I did was read The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It was really good, and I finished it in one day. True it was only a little over 200 pages, but I would call that dedication. After that we had our last Tuesday night dinner at Frailey’s and then it was off to band. Tonight was just sectionals and uniform fitting. It always takes a million years to get everyones uniform so we had a two hour sectional. Our section was probably the most fun. After doing all of the stuff we needed to get done, we played games. These games included down by the bank, ninja, and see how many people can fit in Shannon’s trunk. The answer: 4. We also had a great adventure with a dead squirrel. The clarinet section was momentarily next to our section, but they quickly left because of a dead, sun-baked squirrel in their spot. This led to a lot of kicking and screaming, and somehow the squirrel wound up in the middle of our section. Two of our freshmen then proceeded to place the squirrel on top of said kicker’s windshield, which then slid down to being stuck underneath his wipers. It was hilarious until it started to smell, so we moved down a few parking spaces to distance ourselves from the rotting creature. Then, it was our sections turn to go get fitted. My uniform was much to large as was the case of many others. They didn’t count on having to resize most of the band, and that is why we were there until 10. Of course I rode with Dad, so even though I was done by 8:30, I had to stay until everyone was finished.

After all of the excitement, I am now relaxed and settled in for bed. I can’t wait to read your last post tomorrow!

– Captain Spazzmataz


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