Twenty-fourth Day of Silence

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

I do believe I am the sleepiest little panda that ever did feel sleepy.  Today I got up a 5, per the usual, walked some extraordinarily energetic puppies, stood and paced around the school/my classroom for seven+ hours, got my butt kicked by Whitney, and the walked the pups some more.  My legs and feet are so very tired; the rest of me is quickly following suit.  However, this is my last day of silence post!  I will be seeing you very soon!

I’m so happy that you finished the book and the many assignments to go with it!  Was the documentary any good?  Did it make you terrified to eat?  Do you feel like you’ll make any different eating choices because of your literary experience?  Do tell.  I can’t believe you read Perks for a full six hours.  That’s so unlike your typical reading habits.  I’ll have to find some books similar to that one for you because you must have enjoyed it.  And a certain someone is behind on her reading goals.  I, ahem, am currently five books ahead.  I only have 25 for the whole rest of the year.

Your babysitting sounds so great.  I was also thinking about trying to see Guardians of the Galaxy or Days of Future Past if that’s still playing anywhere.  But Dad has to come, of course.  I am so traumatized by your dead squirrel sectional experience.  It sounds… icky.  Though funny, in some dark, twisted, macabre way, I suppose.  How did the person ever get it off their car?

Today was the first day of school with kiddos.  I felt like it was going to be a good one because this morning, as I was walking, I saw a shooting star.  I’m pretty sure it’s only the second one I’ve seen in my entire life.  First days of school are always pretty easy.  We just looked at the syllabus, and I had them fill out a survey to tell me about themselves.  Thanks to our morning assembly, I didn’t even see one of my classes.  Two classes really didn’t talk at all.  One of them was speech, tragically.  One talked way too much.  It’s kind of weird, I really miss my bunch from last year.  I still think of this year’s seniors as my juniors, and I don’t quite know what to do with all these mystical new children.

Today, Scuttlebug tragically left us.  Sparhawk tried to clean his cage, and the little one just didn’t wake up.  I’m sad that he’s gone, but I hope he had a really excellent last few days of his life running on his wheel, bat mousing his terrarium, and nomming on fresh garden vegetables.  I feel like it must have been better than living in terror in the corner of my class.  After Sparhawk made this discovery, he cleaned out the cage and went to Petsmart for a new mousie.  This one is Mr. Bobinsky.  I’m sad I didn’t get to help pick him out, but he is a pretty awesome little mouse.  Growing up in Petsmart, he’s not even kind of afraid of people, so I actually get to see him hanging out fairly often.  He’ll also let Sparhawk handle him, so we might get him a ball to run around in.  I’m still nervous the girls will think of it as a toy, but we may try.  Either way, it was a sad and happy mouse day.  Scuttle was so cute and tiny; I’m going to miss his weirdness.

Well, I am probably going to go right to bed.  I hope you have an excellent first day of school tomorrow!  I’ll see you Friday!

– Super Koala


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